The Life-Saving Impact of Atlas Clinical Research


Sometimes, the breakthroughs of clinical research not only transform but also become the lifeline for those involved. At Atlas Clinical Research (Atlas), these journeys are deeply personal, transformative experiences that resonate with the core of why we do what we do.

Kerrie’s story vividly illustrates this profound impact.

Kerrie, a resident of West Irondequoit, New York. She has been an active clinical trial participant with Atlas for over 15 years. Her latest endeavor with us was a weight loss study that began in June of 2021 – a pivotal moment that redefined the trajectory of her life.

An Unqualified Success Story

Kerrie lost over 127 pounds. But numbers only scratch the surface of her transformation. This journey was about reclaiming her life, reshaping her future, and rediscovering her potential. As a college lacrosse coach and now the dean of residential life for a hockey school, the change enabled her to perform her duties with renewed vigor and passion.

“This is why we go to work every day,” said Mark Scullion, CEO of Atlas. It’s about witnessing the life-saving transformation that clinical research can foster. It’s about the joy in someone’s eyes when they tell you, “This trial changed my life.”

Kerrie’s experience is not just a solitary narrative of success; it offers inspiration for what is possible. Atlas Clinical Research is not merely a network conducting clinical trials; it’s a community that invests in the well-being of every individual who walks through our doors.

Discover the Atlas Difference

Atlas stands out as a therapeutically focused site network with a deep specialization in Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease, CNS, and Gastroenterology. This targeted expertise ensures that trial sponsors collaborate with a network that is deeply knowledgeable and experienced in these specific areas.

Centralized management is a cornerstone of our approach.

By centralizing operations, our sites can dedicate their efforts toward delivering quality care, assurance, and regulatory compliance. This structure not only enhances the overall patient experience but also assures sponsors of the consistent and high standards maintained across all trials.

Accelerated Speed to Start-up and Recruitment

We have optimized our procedures to ensure quick and efficient trial initiation, coupled with effective patient recruitment strategies. Likewise, data integrity and timeliness are paramount in clinical research, and Atlas excels in these areas. Our commitment to accurate and prompt data handling means that sponsors can rely on us for high-quality data that meets all regulatory standards, enhancing the decision-making process and supporting successful trial outcomes.

Resources and Capabilities

With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced professionals, Atlas is equipped to handle a wide range of trial requirements, ensuring that sponsors have access to the best resources for their research needs.

Atlas offers a unique combination of therapeutic focus, centralized management, and operational excellence, making it an ideal partner for trial sponsors looking for reliability, expertise, and efficiency in their clinical research endeavors.

We stand committed to the belief that research is about changing lives, not just through groundbreaking science but with empathy, care, and unwavering support.

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