The Atlas network provides a myriad of benefits to catapult your research efforts to new heights.


Preserve Your Legacy

We understand the importance of maintaining your unique identity, expertise, and reputation. As a member, you retain your autonomy and continue to operate under your own name and brand. Our network serves as a collaborative platform that amplifies your strengths while fostering growth and innovation.

Even Greater Opportunities

Gain access to bigger and more meaningful portfolio of studies that carry greater significance in the medical community benefits to the patients you serve. Our collective power enables us to attract high-profile sponsors and secure larger-scale projects that individual sites struggle to obtain build strong, enduring partnerships with Sponsors that individual sites struggle to achieve alone. Contribute to cutting-edge research and make a lasting impact on patient care.

Protect Your Employees

Your team is the backbone of your site. Their well-being is paramount. Your employees will have access to benefits and safeguards that come from being part of a larger organization. Atlas provides comprehensive employee support, including professional development, benefits, and stability.

Do What You Do Best. Leave the Rest to Us.

Administrative tasks can be a burden for sites, diverting precious time and resources from what truly matters – advancing medicine. From budgeting and regulatory compliance to study coordination and reporting, our team is dedicated to streamlining your operations and ensuring efficiency.

If you're a clinical site that is considering partnering with Atlas, ask me about joining our network.

C. Jacob Perry


In my role as a Vice President at Three Twenty-One, I help Atlas pursue opportunities for new partnerships. If you are interested in our strategy and vision and would like to explore joining the Atlas Clinical Research family, I would love to hear from you. I can connect you with the Atlas leadership team and help answer your questions about becoming an Atlas site. Thank you for your support as we work to advance clinical trial research together.

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