Atlas Clinical Research Welcomes Dr. Michael Hilden, Strengthening Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Trials at Suburban Research Associates

Atlas Clinical Research (Atlas) has announced the latest addition to their Principal Investigator team, Dr. Michael Hilden, a seasoned internist joining the Atlas network at Suburban Research Associates (SRA). With over 20 years of experience in hospital medicine, Dr. Hilden’s expertise in internal medicine, particularly in treating complex cases involving diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and infectious diseases, makes him an invaluable asset in expanding our internal medicine capabilities.

Dr. Hilden’s extensive experience in primary care for adult populations with comorbidities aligns perfectly with Atlas’s vision of a network with a therapeutic focus, including CV, infectious disease, and vaccines.

Mark Scullion, CEO of Atlas, stated, “We are delighted to welcome Dr. Hilden to our network. His experience in hospital settings and patient-focused approach are key to our expansion in internal medicine and infectious disease trials. Dr. Hilden’s arrival marks a significant stride in enhancing our capabilities at SRA and offering comprehensive coverage to our partners across the Atlas network.”

Dr. Hilden expressed his enthusiasm for his new role, citing a desire to focus more on direct patient care, moving away from the administrative burdens of corporate hospital medicine. “Joining Atlas and SRA offers me the unique opportunity to focus on what I am passionate about – caring for patients and being involved in cutting-edge clinical research that has a real impact on patient lives.”

Ashley Ross, Head of Site Operations at SRA, added, “Dr. Hilden’s background in internal medicine is ideal for supporting our expansion into new areas of clinical research. His expertise will be instrumental in managing our upcoming vaccine trials and other medical studies, enhancing our ability to deliver quality care in these critical fields.”

Dr. Hilden’s appointment underscores Atlas Clinical Research’s commitment to evolving and adapting to the dynamic needs of clinical research. His role in expanding the internal medicine and infectious disease trials is pivotal for Atlas as it continues to set benchmarks in patient care and clinical trial excellence.

About Atlas Clinical Research and SRA:

Atlas Clinical Research, a leading network in clinical trials, focuses on patient-centric research methodologies across various therapeutic areas. SRA, part of the Atlas network, has historically excelled in psychiatric and CNS trials and is now expanding its reach under Dr. Hilden’s guidance. For more information on Atlas Clinical Research and our clinical trials, please visit Atlas Clinical Research.