Rochester Clinical Research Wins “Best Clinical Trial Site Company” At The 2023 World Vaccine Congress Awards!

Rochester Clinical Research is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the Vaccine Industry Excellence (VIE) award for “Best Clinical Trial Site Company” at the 2023 World Vaccine Congress, which took place on April 4th in Washington, D.C. The VIE Awards is an annual event that celebrates the outstanding achievements made globally by clinical research companies and the standards of excellence they set for the vaccine industry.

Rochester Clinical Research was founded in 1994 by Patricia Larrabee. What started as a small family-owned company, has grown to have over 80 employees, operating out of a 25,000-square-foot cutting-edge facility in the heart of Rochester. While continuing to grow, RCR has kept sight of its mission which is quality care for its volunteers, quality data for its sponsors, and having a quality team-oriented workplace so that they can excel in these practices.

To date, Rochester Clinical Research has conducted around 1,000 various studies for indications including migraines, CMV, RSV, Lyme Disease, Covid-19, weight loss, smoking cessation, pain relief, and much more. RCR is able to work in many different areas of medicine because of the specialized medical professionals they have on their team. Their stellar team drives incredible enrollment and retention rates in the research studies that they conduct and provides industry-leading care, service, and support.

“RCR is very honored to have been selected for this prestigious award, as it recognizes our accomplishments and contributions toward finding new life-saving medications and treatments, in our community here in Rochester and around the world. The award is also a testament to our employees for the hard work they put in every day and the quality care they give to our trial participants” said Adam Larrabee, President.

RCR plans to build on this success, offering studies in diverse areas and assisting with new medical advancements. They will continue to remain focused on providing high-quality work while advancing medicine and improving the needs of patients.

About Rochester Clinical Research:

Rochester Clinical Research was founded in 1994 with the objective of providing the Greater Rochester area with access to a premier clinical research facility. The goal of the organization is to advance new medical treatments and improve the quality of life for individuals everywhere. Rochester Clinical Research puts great pride in the relationships it has with its sponsors, volunteers, and staff. The organization strives toward advancing new medicines and catching up with diseases before they become a problem.

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